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Your Trusted NYC Bookstore for More Than 40 Years!
Your Trusted NYC Bookstore for More Than 40 Years!
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Lexington & E 69th Street

Bookstore | Art Supplies | HUNTER & NYSID


Broadway & W 69th Street

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Broadway & W 105th Street


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Independent Bookseller and Publisher Since 1983

Independent Bookseller and Publisher Since 1983

Established in 1983, Shakespeare & Co. stands as an iconic literary institution in Manhattan, beloved by both locals and visitors alike. From timeless tales to vibrant canvases, its legacy continues to leave an indelible mark on the cultural fabric of the city.

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This is a cute bookstore with a variety of titles, fiction, blind date books. It has a cute cafe with a variety of tea, coffee, wine and beer. They also have ample seating where you can enjoy your drink and books. Some of the tea, coffees, and lattes have books, names like Great Gatsby, Mocking Jay and others.

Nini Kaur

I often stop by here to buy a book. They have a great book selection written by diverse authors. They will order a book for you if they don't have it. Staff are usually kind and willing to help. I have to give 5 stars because I can tell the staff has excellent values, showing desire to support readers who seek knowledge for understanding historical oppression, present-day oppression, and liberation causes.

Tai CK

Nice quaint bookstore that had a small coffee shop in the front which made it pretty crowded…a good sign. My best part was their unique “Blind date with a book” concept. I plan a double blind date for my next visit.


Well curated bookstore, willing to share their expertise.

Gary Kreissman

One of my go to places to buy wisdom.


One of the best book stores on the Upper East Side...

Bill Drake

Very friendly staff (but not the pushy kind that follow you around while you shop). Great selection even if it's smaller than other NYC bookstores. Unfortunately I came on a busy Saturday so I couldn't get a spot at the cafe, but would love to come back!

Eithne McDonald

A charming bookstore like it used to be. And a small cafe inside with pastries.

יוסף אביב כהן

Great book store with lost of options. However they don't carry many hard cover books which I found disappointing. The coffee shop has great coffee and a nice place to sit and read.

Sarah Bosgra

Good book selection, yummy croissants, and GOOD LATTES! Much better than Starbucks for sure! And if you go to Hunter, they offer student discount for books and food!